Selling a Home

Selling Your Home

We know selling your home is a journey, and the more informed you are about what to do and expect along the way, the more successful your home sale will be. Ideally, you want that journey to end with your home selling quickly and for the best possible price. Our Marketing Plan will get you there. Just think of us as your personal tour guide along the way, here to answer any questions you may have.

Exclusive Listing Website

To help maximize the exposure and appeal of your listing, we work with our industry-leading photographers to create exclusive listing websites. These exclusive listing websites help us better market your property to buyers and give us the ability to capture consumers that are interested in your property specifically.

Home Staging

Research indicates that homes that are staged sell quickly and at a premium price. Staging is effective in fostering an emotional connection with potential buyers, to the extent that they may envision your home as their own.

In today’s real estate market, prospective buyers enjoy the convenience of virtually touring entire neighborhoods from the comfort of their homes, streamlining the search for their dream home. As a seller, it’s essential that your property distinguishes itself and leaves a remarkable first impression in the online sphere.

Virtual Tours

Our team utilizes Virtual Tours Ottawa and London House to capture and produce immersive virtual tours of your property, providing potential buyers with the opportunity to explore every detail from the convenience of their own homes. These tours serve as an excellent method to showcase your home securely and instantly to both agents and potential buyers.

Industry Leading Photography

Creating an impactful first impression is paramount, particularly in today’s digital age where over 95% of properties are initially viewed online. With stunning photography, captivating aerial views, and sought-after 2D and 3D floor plans, our listings are designed to be showstoppers, consistently eliciting more requests for in-person showings than the majority.

Social Media Marketing

In our efforts to effectively target the ideal demographic for your property, we extend our high-quality visuals to our advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This strategy aims to attract social media views and increase the visibility of your listing.